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MSDN Visual Studio Enterprise subscription additional benefits

If you are an MSDN, now Visual Studio Enterprise subscriber, there are a number of benefits outside of getting Microsoft products and licensing for development that are great benefits to take advantage of. Let’s take a look at MSDN Visual Studio Enterprise additional benefits.  One of the great benefits of the MSDN Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions is the fact that you have (4) support tickets that can be used with Microsoft for your development environment/dev ops environment. This is a great value as just ad hoc support with Microsoft is fairly expensive. The qualifying terms here is that you are needing support in a non production environment.

MSDN Visual Studio Enterprise subscription additional benefits

The support ticket can be generated online once you are logged into your MSDN/VSE portal. There are a couple of pieces of information that you need in order to generate the MSDN/VSE ticket. You need to have your AccountID and your Contract ID numbers. The cumbersome part of that is that the AccountID and Contract ID are not setup by default at least from what I found. However, if you have access to the old MSDN site as well you can easily pull your Subscriber ID which you will need to obtain to get your AccountID and Contract ID. You need to call MSFT to have this information setup for you if you haven’t already. Once that is done, you can create tickets online with your information.
Also, for VSE subscribers you may not realize this but you have access to a year’s worth of free Pluralsight training that comes with your subscription. This is a great learning resource that is bundled in for “free” with your subscription. Simply click to redeem your code for the offer on the VSE website. You will be taken to setup your Pluralsight account.
If you want to learn Azure, you also have access to $150 of Azure credit that comes with your VSE subscription. Once again, you will simply walk through creating your Azure login, information, etc. Once you have your login setup, you can login to Azure and start spinning up virtual machines, storage, etc.


There are great MSDN Visual Studio Enterprise subscription additional benefits to a MSDN Visual Studio Enterprise subscription that you may not have even heard about.  Hopefully this post will help shed light on just three of the additional benefits of the subscription that I really think are great added benefits and may sway more to think about purchasing a subscription.

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