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Tape vs Disk vs Cloud backup what solutions are you using?

I wanted to shoot a post out there to you guys visiting the site to see which solutions for backup you are using in your enterprise environment.  In doing consulting work like I do, there are still environments utilizing tapes out there for archiving and also for primary backup targets.  Tapes are so dreadfully slow and cumbersome and yet many still rely on them.  However, with disk storage being what it is, and bandwidth these days getting more and more liberal, it is making more sense to use disk only targets and cloud replication options to archive data from disk or other media that is being used.

Of course also with most environments using some type of virtualization in all or part of their core infrastructure, what backup solutions are you seeing or using for your virtual environments, both VMware as well as HyperV?  There are of course the big ones out there such as Veeam and others who have a solid following because their product just works and works well.  Recently, I have seen a lot of AppAssure environments where clients are taking advantage of backing up their servers both physical and virtual with AppAssure.  It also of course has the means to replicate to the cloud for offsite DR recovery solution.

Many are also still using Symantec Backup Exec now in the 2014 version.  Backup Exec has been used in so many environments since its Veritas days that many still trust and use it as their primary backup software.  Most environments I see with SBUE are backing up to a disk storage and then archiving to tape still yet for offsite archival purposes.  What are you guys seeing out there in the field or using?

Let me know in the comments below what solutions you are using or maybe just found out about that you love to use or think is a revolutionary product.

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