Godaddy EV UCC SSL certificate nonexistent

Recently working with a client, we needed to have the ability to have an extended validation multiple domain certificate to secure a website answering to multiple domain names with the green bar showing on all names.  The company had all of their SSL certificates with Godaddy, so that choice of course made sense to purchase there for uniformity and manageability reasons.  I assumed this would be an easy SSL to purchase.  However, we quickly found the Godaddy EV UCC SSL certificate nonexistent.  In navigating around on Godaddy’s site, I was of course looking at the EV offerings.  I noticed that when I selected the EV offering, I no longer had the ability to select multiple domains.  The dropdown only showed 1 domain.


I of course thought this must be a premium offering that maybe we needed to call about with an account and be able to purchase that way, or possibly there was a way to after the fact purchase subject alternate names to associate with the certificate.  In starting a chat session with the representative, I explained what we were trying to do and that I needed to have extended validation on multiple domains within the same certificate.  After the chat agent said, “give me a moment to check” and then came back to my surprise with “Unfortunately it looks like we do not offer EV UCC SSLs.”  This is extremely surprising since other certificate vendors such as Digicert and Geotrust both offer multiple domain EV certificates.

You would think that as many SSL and domain customers that Godaddy has, this would be a standard offering that customers would need extended validation on multiple domain names within the same certificate.  What have you guys found?  Have you run into the same issue needing a UCC EV certificate from Godaddy?

We have made the decision to go with Digicert for this particular certificate to secure multiple domains with extended validation.  Godaddy may have lost the business of this particular customer.

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