Apple set to release new iPhone 5 today

Well, Apple fans are certainly going to have their day of glory today as the new highly anticipated iPhone 5 or “new iPhone” as some have speculated as the name will be released.  There is certainly a lot of buzz surrounding this new phone and what hardware and other specs it will include.  The iPhone has blazed a trail for Apple ever since its introduction and mobile geeks and phone users everywhere have loved the device since day one.  It has certainly went through a lot of upgrades and hardware changes however, the new iPhone set to be released today will take the phone into new territory with a sleeker look and a departure from the standard dock connector that has graced all other Apple devices.

Also to be included with the new iPhone is a larger highly anticipated screen upgrade with larger resolution and richer colors along with IOS6 which sets forward many enhancements to the previous IOS versions with a new version of Maps, enhancements to email, more fluid navigation and other definitely anticipated changes that should highly compliment the new hardware found in the new iPhone version.  The casing of the phone will also be changed and should be set to have some sort of metal casing instead of its glass counterparts in previous versions which should help with durability.

It is rumored that the new iPhone will sport the A5X processor that is found in the current “new” iPad as the previous iPhone 4S sported the same processor as the iPad 2.  Memory should be at 1GB and the new phone should also be set to communicate on the 4GLTE networks as the fastest of today’s mobile network speeds.  All of these changes should welcome in a new era of iPhone that should captivate new Apple users as well as captivate already love stricken Apple users everywhere.  Performance of the phone should be phenomenal as Apple is certainly noted for its attention to stability and performance.  These phones have a knack for being solid and this new rendition should not be an exception.

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