Asus Infinity TF700 Impressions

As all Android lovers everywhere were, we were excited here at to get our hands on the latest tablet from Asus.  We were able to snag one on preorder and received it a couple of days ago.  So what were the impressions?

One thing is for sure, Asus has definitely given attention to man of the problems that plauged the Transformer Prime.  We had absolutely no problems with wireless or GPS connectivity with our Infinity and on the wireless side things seemed very snappy and performed very well.

However, there were a few disappointments with this tablet that were a little bit surprising and even perplexing to us.  When the tablet booted, things looked fairly good, however, the screen was a little bit washed out looking even with the new Super IPS HD display.  However, all in all, the display looked good.  We will simply reserve the “great” compliment for this tablet.

The main disappointment with our Infiniy however, was on the software side.  Within a few minutes of booting the tablet we had a couple of “force closes” and the software just seemed sluggish.  We downloaded Netflix and a few other normal use apps that most will probably want to utilize with this tablet and things just coninued to disappoint.  The Netflix app was very sluggish and when trying to scroll between categories, the display was very “stuttery” and was not smooth at all.  We thought perhaps a fresh boot would clear up the issue, however, when getting booted back into Android, we experienced the exact same performance again in Netflix and other apps such as the built in Youtube app.  A firmware fix perhaps?  Just to note, we were prompted almost immediately to update the firmware on the Infinity after the first boot which we did.  Not to say these performance problems may not be fixable with a firmware update, it just simply isn’t resolved with the latest firmware available now.

There is no doubt as far as hardware is concerned the Infinity TF700 is a very advanced tablet with plenty of horsepower to run things.  However, it is very evident there is quite a bit of polishing left to do by Asus before this tablet will be up to par as a true stable enjoyable tablet that can be used to compare to other devices like the iPad.

We have high hopes for Asus and the Infinity line and we are definitely fans of the product.  There just seems to be quite a bit of tweaking left to do before we can say users will truly have the best experience possible with this tablet.



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