How to Install Zagg Invisible Shield Screen protector

With all the mobile devices out there that we all know, love, and have purchased, one of huge challenges in protecting our mobile devices is making sure the screen is protected from scratches, dings, and other damage.  The very fact that “mobile” devices are well, mobile, means they are usually constantly on the move with us, and we all know that constant movement creates the potential for damage.  We have all used screen protectors before with our smartphones, PDAs, or tablets and one of the headaches with most of these products is getting the screen protector installed without having bubbles or other unsightly artifacts underneath the screen protector itself.  Most people will tell you that they hate to look at a mobile screen that has tons of bubbles underneath and would probably rather not have any screen protection at all if this is the case.

A great product on the market that really addresses a lot of the issues that we have seen in the past with screen protectors and actually getting them installed without the bubbles and other artifacts is the Invisible Shield by Zagg. Simply put, this is a great product that is a must have for ANY mobile device you may have on which you want superior screen protection without the unsightly problems that are caused by most screen protectors and their installation.  Zagg has come up with a product and installation process that uses a special liquid that you use during installation on your hands as well as on the screen protector itself, which virtually eliminates the bubbles, dust, fingerprints and other rogue particles from appearing underneath your screen protector.  It makes for a professional looking screen protector that for all practical purposes, you can’t even tell is there.

The process, although not difficult at all, can sometimes intimidate users who have never installed one of the screen protectors before.  Most people get a little nervous when they start thinking about liquids or fluids and an electronic device.  Rightly so, if proper care is not taken, any type of liquid or moisture can harm electronics.  However, with this process, if you can read and follow the relatively simple instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems at all.  Take a look at the video below which shows the proper technique of installing one of the Zagg Invisible Shield products on a mobile phone.

[via FuriousTechnology]

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