How to quickly list startup applications in Windows 7

Have you ever wanted to know a quick way to list the startup applications that are starting up in Windows 7?  Maybe you need to do this to troubleshoot performance or some other issue that may be going on with your computer, or you are curious to know if there are any unknown programs lurking where they shouldn’t be.  Many complain their computer is running very slow.  A lot of times home users equate slow bootup times with the fact their computer is simply old.  This could be the case, but oftentimes, a quick look at all the programs that are starting up when Windows boots, sheds light on the fact that there are tons of programs fighting over processor and disk time when a user logs in.  There is a quick and easy way to list these applications by going to your command prompt.

Navigate to the command prompt

  • Type the command wmic
  • Then type startup


[via Windows 7 Quick Tips]

This handy little trick is a great way to quickly see what is going on at startup.  If you are not as comfortable with the commandline, then you can always use msconfig to determine what is starting up also.  Whichever means you prefer, you can use either of these tools to quickly and easily problematic performance or to find suspected unwanted programs starting up.

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