Evernote updates Android client changes look

We at Computer-howto are big fans of Evernote.  This is a great product that we use daily here.  It is a great way to keep up with ideas, notes, thoughts, lists, pictures, and the list goes on and on.  It always peeks our interest here when we see there is an updated version of Evernote coming down the pipes and we are prompted to update the software on our phones. Most of the updates recently have been under the hood items that haven’t really changed the way the app looks.  However, the latest and greatest rendition of the app had quite a facelift from the previous version and it looks nice!

New Home screen launch interface

The new home screen looks really nice with a sliding panel that gives you a peek at your most current notes.  You have an overall look at what you can do with the app from this start screen as well as a summary of your notes, notebooks, tags, and places for a quick and easy overview.




The notes section:



You have a couple of options when it comes to the view of the notes layout – snippet and list view.  Both are nice and it is very easy to get to and select this option so you can quickly change back and forth depending on your needs.

The sorting features are also very nice since you can sort by a wide range of values here show below.  The default view of course is the “Date updated.”




The search features are also very handy.  Below is a screenshot of the “advanced search” window that allows searching by quite a number of search values based on notebooks, tags, location, dates, to-do lists, and other.


Evernote continues to grow and evolve into an even better mobile application for keeping up with things.  In this day and age, as busy as our lives can be, Evernote really helps us out by providing a stunningly useful and easy to use application that can really help to make one’s life much more manageable!


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