Apple’s new iPad a release done right

If there is one thing that Apple shows companies when they do a release it is how to pull off a large release and not let consumers down with limited quantities and mystery stock dates to actually obtain the device.  Even if a company can make great products like Asus with the Transformer series tablet, they have to learn how to follow through with that greatness in actually executing the delivery of the product.  Consumers were and still are so frustrated by release dates and then stocks of the product that are never available and shrouded in mystery and unexpected delays.

Apple is simply one of those great companies that understands that if they are going to release a product, it will be executed flawlessly.  The Apple store was right on target with the availability of the new iPad.  An actual release WHEN they say it was supposed to release.  Imagine that.  A company understands how important this is.  Granted, the quality of a product first and foremost is the most important aspect that consumers care about.  Delays are expected and understood sometimes.  However, consumer confidence can easily be shaken with failed deliveries of products when they are supposed to be delivered.

They know how to prepare and conquer the industry with supreme leadership and perfect technical product and delivery execution.  Apple unveilings of new products are some of the most anticipated, watched, and speculated events in the tech world today.  We can’t be dogmatic about this fact, however, one would believe that a huge part of this success and anticipation comes from their past successes at executing these huge unveilings of GREAT products.

Apple’s new iPad is sure to be on its way to the same wild success as previous Apple products that have become staples in the technology world and most of us interact with on a daily basis.  They have delivered again and there is no end in sight to Apple’s supreme reign on cutting edge devices that continue to shape our lives and keep us connected.  Companies can certainly learn a lot from Apple’s execution as a company and all the various things that make them extremely strong and able to deliver not only on the rumors but on the devices and delivery of these devices as well.

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