Transformer Prime receives OTA update in US February 8th

To everyone’s surprise and giddy anticipation, many were prompted for an OTA update to their Asus Transformer Primes yesterday which is the highly anticipated fixes bundle that Asus has been promising since mid to late January.  The fixes were supposed to address most recently the random reboots for ICS as well as the wifi/GPS and bluetooth issues that have plagued the device for quite some time now.

From what we can tell, the general concensus has been more positive than negative on the review of the patch from Prime owners.  Many have posted screenshots of wifi speedtests which clearly show a marked improvement in wifi download and upload speeds.  Others have mentioned that GPS has also improved somewhat with this patch release.  However, the jury is still out on the true effectiveness this patch brings with curing all the ills of the Prime.

One thing that seems to be coming up with several Prime users after installing this update is many have said they are experiencing a significant drop in battery life since the installation of the patch.  Many users have reported decreases of 30% or more since installing the update.  This seems contradictory to the laundry list of things that were supposed to be included with this.  We had read a couple of points a few days ago about the fact this patch should not only INCREASE battery life, but also performance.  Has Asus dropped the ball again on this?  It is yet to be seen, however, one thing is for sure, there are enough users mentioning this that it seems to be more than just an isolated case.

We may see Asus scrambling now to fix battery life problems if this indeed turns out to be a proven glitch in the update.  Any who have had experience with the new patch on your Prime’s, share your results in the comments below.  We will post more as we hear and read more reports.

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