Hardware Wifi GPS issue confirmed Asus Transformer Prime

So far, up until now, there has been much “speculation” of the existence of some type of hardware issue that is keeping the Asus Transformer Primer TF201 wifi and GPS connections from working properly.  As we mentioned it has been speculation.  However, on an XDA thread, found here  a user who seems to be well versed in electronics has spotted the definite issue with the Prime wifi and GPS signal.  He has also posted pictures of the problematic connection points.

On page 9 of the thread found here, pictures are posted of the Prime disassembled and pics of the wifi and GPS card as well as confirmation that after external wires were adding “alligator” clipped onto the card, GPS was strong and wifi worked perfectly or at least MUCH better than stock from the factory.  There is also another user who has placed an alligator clip on the GPS pogo and has GPS reception in his HOUSE!  That was impossible before with the stock setup.

This is one of the hottest Asus Transformer Prime threads now on XDA and other users are building up the courage to take their Primes apart and experiment with antenna configurations.  The downside or heartbreaking side really for such a great tablet and so many users who wanted this tablet to be everything that really it is, is that no amount of Firmware fixes can resolve the issues that were definitely uncovered in this thread.  Firmware could make the issues marginally better, but the very flawed antenna design that is no confirmed is hardware.

It will be interesting to see if Asus responds to this finding or if this is actually the original wifi issue that pushed the release of the product back a bit.  We are only speculating here, but Asus may have known this existed in all the Primes and it was just too large scale of a problem to go back and fix every single Prime.

Anyways, this thread is a must follow for Prime owners looking to resolve connectivity issues!

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