Untangle 9.1 resolves disk space issues

For those of you running Untangle UTM on the gateway in your network environment, many know of various problems that have occurred with past releases of the Untangle family and problems with disk space becoming an issue due to various database tables growing inordinately large. Β There is a built in database vacuum process that is tasked with reducing the size of the database and keeping the sizes on disk down to a low level. Β However, we have seen issues with this process in the past.

However, with the release of Untangle 9.1, there have been dramatic changes in the database structure with Untangle and the stored data. Β According to Untangle’s description of the 9.1 structure now, large tables in previous versions are now very small and “almost empty.”

We have tested the 9.1 update on a box that we had disk space issues in the past, and after upgrading to 9.1 on a production box, a 500 GB drive that was struggling to have 15GB free, after a few days vacuumed down to almost 495GB free. Β Granted, this process on this production box, took several days, but if you are having disk space problems on your Untangle box, the 9.1 upgrade is definitely a worthy upgrade and should be automatically pushed down to your box, unless you have this option turned off.


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