Windows 8 Tablets could change everything or nothing

All eyes are on Redmond and what Microsoft is going to do or not do with Windows 8 and tablets.  There is so much speculation surrounding the future release of Windows 8 and what the capabilities are for Windows 8 in its tablet form.  Many have speculated that it will be locked down in the MetroUI or tablet interface and won’t be able to install normal desktop applications in this mode.  Microsoft really has a major decision to make on this point.

It would seem to be a game changer if Microsoft offered Windows 8 tablet versions to the masses as both a MetroUI and desktop OS with the ability to install all current win32 applications as well as interface with the new Microsoft App store.  Think of the possibilities they could open by doing this.  They would basically harness the entire Windows desktop community and transparently bridge the gap between the tablet and the laptop/desktop community.  The tablet could truly be the end all solution to mobile as well as desktop computing as external keyboards and docks could easily make the transition from the tablet to desktop platform using the same tablet hardware.  Microsoft would already have millions of possible tablet customers who could easily justify the purchase and transition to a tablet since the majority of purchased software would be able to run on the tablet Windows 8 metro/desktop platform.

However, think about how things will be different if Microsoft decides to segment the tablet software from their current Windows desktop software.  An entire world of PC users would be forced to change/purchase software that would allow them to work on the tablet platform, and still have the laptop/desktop setup that would remain in the current desktop environment allowing them access to current win32 applications.  It is easy to see how the numbers answer the question for us as to which would be the best for Microsoft.

Microsoft is yet to be dogmatic about what can be done and not be done with Windows 8 running on ARM tablets.  We can only eagerly await the final outcome for Windows 8 and if it will truly be a pivotal OS for Microsoft.  They have the chance to completely change the game here.  We just hope they make the right decision.

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