What’s going on with Blackberry?

Everyone is wondering what is going on at RIM with Blackberry service.  In the day and age with fiercer competition in the smartphone arena that ever before with tremendous pressure from Apple and Android now in the Enterprise setting, RIM cannot afford to have many more blunders.  Even without the outages, many enterprises are seriously looking at moving to iPhones or select Android devices as their preferred mobile device.

The Blackberry outage which started on Monday in Europe spread to North America yesterday and then supposedly is fixed today has caused many to scratch their heads in disbelief.  It wasn’t too long ago that Blackberry users experienced similar severe email delays that basically could be classified as an outage.  These types of outages can quickly shake consumer and enterprise confidence in RIM as a corporate email provider.  Email has always been Blackberry’s bread and butter, so everyone notices when email service to their Blackberry devices is interrupted.

Time will tell whether or not RIM can figure out what is going on and make needed changes to their service recovery model as needed.  Something is definitely going on and with the competition fiercer than ever, now is not the time for RIM to sit back on its laurels and throw up their hands.

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