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Cloud Computing – Friend or Foe?

Will we ever get over the fear of the cloud?  It seems that as great as cloud computing technology is, we are constantly plagued with feelings of uncertainty as to its future and our privacy.  Many say that computing constantly goes through revolutions and it seems like the shift is back to centralized computing with cloud architecture being the focus based on virtualize solution platforms.  However, many are scared about the unknowns about the safety of their data in the cloud.  Who has access?  What are they doing with my information?  How many others can see what I am doing or what information I have stored where?

Many of us who use technology each and every day and who don’t blink an eye at online transactions and online banking, bill paying, stock trading, and other online business, may not think much about it until we read about the fact that our data may have been compromised, or that several vendors have been sold our information without our permission.  Facebook’s biggest Achilles Heel may be privacy issues.  It has been plagued by constant rumors of data mismanagement and making data available to 3rd parties without user’s knowledge.  Recently in the news the past couple of days has been Amazons shift to a cloud based browser with the new line of Kindle products.  While everyone’s first reaction was WOW, thinking about the computing possibilities with processing taking place both on the backend and on the frontend of the device, after it settled in, many have started to raise the privacy issues.

Amazon’s Silk Browser



Will we as the public ever become comfortable with cloud computing?  It is hard to say, however, many might have said some years back that no one would ever feel safe making purchases online or doing banking business online.  However, we see today just how comfortable that many have become with this.  Whether we like it or not, the cloud architecture makes too much business sense for huge corporations to not take advantage of it.  The ROI is worth the risk for them.  Consumer and end user confidence may be shaky now, but we have a feeling that it will become as much a part of the everyday reality of an online presence as other things we do online these days.  It will be interesting to see with Amazon’s move to take the actual browser backend into the cloud, if the other major players in the industry will follow suit or at least flirt with the prospect.

How do you feel about Cloud Computing and your data being safe and secure online?  Please let us know in the comments.

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