3D Web Browsers and Content Coming Soon?

With all the craze about 3D TVs and devices that have hit the scene in this past year, it leaves us all wondering how big of an impact 3D web content will make in the forseable future.  The impact of 3D TVs has really only been marginal since their release and sales numbers have not been as powerful as some would have imagined.  Many consumers just don’t see the need to spend the extra money on the capability to have the 3D technology built in just yet.  Prices are still relatively high and the offerings for 3D content still are not that strong.

How will 3D content change web browsing?  Will there be increased focus on 3D content gaming via web content, or movies offered in 3D directly via the web browser?  It is hard to say at this point.  One thing is for certain however, developers and investors are putting lots of resources into making an impact with 3D web content.  WebGL in Chrome takes advantage of the hardware accelerated graphics available to the end user.  This is a serious take on an April Fools joke that was posted on Google back in 2009.  There is a lot of development out there for the new technology built into the web.  One this is for sure, consumers will definitely win all the way around with the new technology, apps, and games that will be made available via the web.

Send us your comments on your take about 3D technology built into the web and what benefits if any it will bring.

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