Installing the Windows Powershell ISE

Windows 2008 R2 contains many new features which includes the new windows powershell 2.0 command engine.  One of the main things that we run into editing and creating scripts and batches is using a good code editor for syntax and other features.  There are a lot of great powershell script editors out there including the well known Powergui powershell command editor.

Many may not realize that with Windows 2008 R2 there is actually a good powershell command editor built in natively that can be used for a variety of functions working with powershell scripts.  If you go to Server Tools, Features, and then “Add Feature” listed towards the bottom is Windows Powershell Integrated Scripting Environment.  Simply check off the box for this feature and run through the wizard to finish the installation of this Feature.  Once installed the tool is located under “Accessories” and then Windows Powershell and windows Powershell ISE.


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