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Perplexed about creating VMs from cloudimage template images

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I find myself pretty perplexed about how difficult it is in Proxmox to create VM templates from the cloud images that are available from all the major distribution vendors. It's extremely simple if you want to do a DVD-based fresh install from an ISO but they have no real solution for adding preconfigured images. What I want to do is download the cloud images from the internet, add them to a storage repository (SR) and either:

  • Clone a VM from the disk image.
  • Create a VM and select a disk image to attach to the VM.

Instead you're required to do a very convoluted procedure using the qemu client from the Proxmox server's command line. All the public cloud vendors, OpenStack and VMWare have solved this problem. I'm surprised that more people don't pick on Proxmox for what I consider usability low-hanging fruit.

Has anyone else run into this? Do I just have unreasonable expectations or is my use case too uncommon?

Posted : 28/03/2024 11:57 pm
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Brandon Lee
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@termv I feel your pain. I think this is one of the current hurtles with some fo the open-source hypervisors. The automation aspect and tooling from this side of things isn't as good as the paid solutions. I am hoping this will get better though over time, especially with all the changes this year. 

Posted : 29/03/2024 9:57 pm