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Which one is the best

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Can anyone spot any drawbacks for this MINI PC?  They sould work with proxmox,esxi ect?

EliteMini UM780 XTX
Venus Serie UM790 Pro

AOOSTAR GEM10 - almoust perfect but RAM is build in. So no expansion to 64GB for now.

NucBox K8
NucBox K4

All of above are using Ryzen 7000 so what i saw there is an option to pass through hdmi

Comparing them to:
Minisforum MS-01
GMKtec M5 V2(upgraded) - not working with linux....

Posted : 19/02/2024 10:18 am
Brandon Lee
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@mateuszpredki welcome to the forums! I haven't had my hands on the UM780XTX or the Venmus Series UM790 Pro. Just at first glance, it has a "big little" hybrid architecture for the CPU. So, would need the boot parameter for ESXi. Proxmox should work fine with the microcode update for CPUs....

I will do some more investigating on the network front and see if we can tell which NIC it has configured. Also, will look at the others.

I reviewed the GMKtec M5. Unfortunately, it looks like I was send the V1 unit which I really liked since it had Intel network adapters. The V2 unit I believe transitioned over to Realtek NICs, but added an additional NVMe slot.

Curious which issues you ran into with Linux installs? Would be good to know what you are seeing.

Posted : 19/02/2024 11:51 am