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Nutanix Community Edition SSL Error Unusual and Incorrect Credentials Use Firefox

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Brandon Lee
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If you are looking at testing out Nutanix Community Edition in your home lab environment (look out for an upcoming post from me on this topic) and you stand up your Nutanix host and CVM virtual machine and get an error that looks like the following when you use Google Chrome:

"the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials....the website sent scrambled credentials...."

2024 01 21 17 47 52

You can follow these steps to resolve it. This appears to be a known bug and you have to regenerate the self-signed certificate.

2024 01 21 17 48 05
2024 01 21 17 48 32
2024 01 21 17 48 45

Now, you will be able to access Prism in browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium, in addition to Firefox.


Posted : 21/01/2024 6:57 pm