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Intel Core i9-14900KS Processor with 6.2 GHz clock speed

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Intel's Core i9-14900KS, an enhanced version of its flagship Core i9 14900K processor, has been making rounds in the tech community through various leaks and some users have even managed to acquire it prior to its official release. This processor stands out due to its overclocked capabilities, pushing its clock speeds to an impressive 6.2GHz, slightly above the base model's 6.0GHz.

This marginal increase in clock speed might seem modest, but it opens the door for overclocking aficionados to push the processor's performance even further. A notable achievement was reported by a user on the forum, who successfully operated the 14900KS at its peak supported speed, requiring 1.498 volts and reaching a thermal design power (TDP) of 150 watts. This is an increase from the 125 watts TDP of the standard 14900K and KF models. Achieving this performance level necessitates BIOS/UEFI support on the motherboard, with an Asus Z790 motherboard already confirmed to be compatible following a BIOS update.

The exact performance gains from this "special edition" CPU are still under wraps due to limited data. However, initial assessments using Asus's proprietary silicon prediction score utility indicate an improvement of nearly 10% in the processor's eight primary performance cores compared to the standard model. Interestingly, the 16 efficiency cores exhibit a roughly 20% decrease in performance, although the target market for this CPU likely isn't focused on energy efficiency.

Pricing details for the Core i9-14900KS remain speculative, with rumors suggesting a price point above $700, compared to the $650 MSRP of the KF model. The processor is rumored to be launching soon, adding a competitive edge to Intel's lineup against AMD's popular Ryzen X3D series, known for their enhanced gaming performance through additional V-Cache. Despite AMD's recent acclaim among gamers, Intel maintains a significant market share and continues to innovate, as demonstrated by the introduction of the overclocked Core i9-14900KS.

Posted : 04/03/2024 11:04 am