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Dell Precision workstation 3280 3490 3590 5690 and 5490 introduced with NVIDIA RTX Ada

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Might be a cool (but expensive) home lab server:

Dell Technologies is introducing new Precision workstations designed to enhance technological capabilities and business outcomes in the context of the growing significance of AI. These workstations are engineered to support end-to-end AI initiatives, spanning from desktop environments to data centers and cloud services, backed by comprehensive support to tailor solutions to specific professional needs.

Below is the Dell Precision 3280 with accessories


The company has a longstanding history of developing AI-ready workstations, highlighted by the integration of AI-based Dell Optimizer software in Precision workstations, which precedes its application across Dell's commercial PC lineup. This approach underscores the role of workstations in driving AI innovation by offering GPU-based AI acceleration, thereby eliminating the need for server allocations for computational tasks.

In collaboration with Intel, Dell is advancing its AI capabilities by incorporating Intel® Core™ Ultra processors in the new 3000 and 5000 Series mobile workstations. These processors combine CPU, NPU, and GPU components to enhance AI application performance across over 100 applications, offering optimized speed and power efficiency. Innovations include AI-powered video conferencing features and reduced power consumption, thanks to the efficient division of tasks between the CPU, NPU, and GPU, which also extends battery life. The inclusion of Intel® Arc™ Pro Graphics aims to improve media-intensive AI workload performance.

Dell's partnership with NVIDIA enriches its offering with NVIDIA RTX™ Ada Generation GPUs across its mobile and desktop workstation lineup. This integration facilitates a wide range of AI, ray tracing, and graphics capabilities, catering to professionals involved in complex 3D modeling, industrial and creative design, and AI development and training.

The Precision mobile workstations, including models 3490, 3590, 5690, and 5490, are designed to boost productivity for power users and creators alike, featuring NVIDIA RTX™ Ada graphics and delivering exceptional performance in a compact form factor. These workstations will be equipped with Windows 11 and support for Copilot, enhancing user experience and productivity.

Dell is also enhancing its desktop workstation offerings, such as the Precision 3280 CFF, recognized for its compact size yet powerful AI and graphics processing capabilities, and the Precision 3680 Tower, optimized for high-performance computing tasks with advanced thermal solutions to maintain performance under heavy workloads.

In addition to performance advancements, Dell emphasizes the importance of security in its Precision workstations, introducing built-in security features to protect against modern cyber threats, including a new vulnerability detection feature to assist in mitigating device-level attacks.

As a leading provider of workstations, Dell continues to collaborate with strategic partners and engage with customers to deliver innovative technologies and solutions tailored to meet the evolving demands of professional environments.

Posted : 26/02/2024 10:27 am