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Can Nutanix connect to external NFS or iSCSI storage for VMs?

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As I think there will be good interest in Nutanix Community Edition, I wanted to call out a limitation that is certainly a negative for home lab in some scenarios. Can you connect Nutanix to external NFS or iSCSI storage? Nutanix is purpose-built for HCI, meaning it is geared toward software-defined storage connected locally. I have been chasing some Nutanix contacts on this question, and here is the answer:

"The first option is to connect the guest running on Nutanix AHV to external iSCSI targets from within the guest VM operating system itself. You could provision a small boot disk for your VM on Nutanix, and in your VM have external drives connected via iSCSI.

Second, with Nutanix Compute Only nodes, you can connect a Nutanix Compute Only server running AHV to a Nutanix iSCSI Volumes backend running either Nutanix HCI or Nutanix Storage Only nodes."

However, I do believe Nutanix is working hard and heavy on a "hypervisor-only" solution that I believe will have this capability, especially since they will be going after VMware customers. There is no underlying reason they couldn't introduce this. 

Check out this article that is a very interesting read from the Nutanix CEO:

Posted : 20/03/2024 9:37 pm