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Docker Desktop 4.27 New Features introduces synchronized file shares

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The latest Docker release makes excellent progress in development tools and workflows, including new features like synchronized file shares, Docker Build Cloud collaboration improvements, a private marketplace for extensions exclusive to Docker Business customers, and the eagerly awaited launch of Moby 25.

This update also introduces enhanced support for Testcontainers featuring improved container isolation, the wide release of docker init with added support for multiple programming languages, and the beta unveiling of Docker Debug. These enhancements collectively mark a significant leap forward in refining development processes, bolstering security measures, and extending customization options for Docker enthusiasts.

Docker 4.27 Enhancements

One of the standout updates in Docker Desktop 4.27 is the general availability of synchronized file shares. This new feature, particularly notable following the integration of Mutagen's technology into Docker Desktop's core post-June 2023 acquisition, addresses the longstanding issue of managing large codebases on virtual filesystems.

With synchronized file shares, developers can now experience native filesystem performance for bind mounts, wiht Docker noting a dramatic 2-10x increase in file operation speeds. This is a really great new improvement for those dealing with large codebases.

Posted : 12/02/2024 7:36 am
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