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Bitwarden Secrets Manager adds Ansible Playbook integration

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Bitwarden has recently upgraded its Secrets Manager through a strategic integration with Ansible Playbook, empowering developers and DevOps teams to more efficiently and securely manage server deployments. This seamless integration ensures top-notch security by employing zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption.

Software Development Enhancements and the demand for rapid development cycles is more pressing than ever, with a study indicating that nearly 70% of development teams push out updates multiple times a month, and about 18% are deploying on a daily basis or more. Tools like Ansible, renowned for its configuration management capabilities, are vital in enabling teams to expedite server deployments and meet stringent deadlines. With the Bitwarden Secrets Manager integration, managing and automating sensitive information within the server deployment process has become both secure and swift.

“I can definitely tell you that my workload has decreased, probably by one to three hours per week. Productivity has also increased with Bitwarden Secrets Manager,” said Jannis Morgenstern, Head of IT, Titanom Technologies. “At this point, it would be almost impossible to leak our secrets. It’s just one less thing we have to worry about.”

Ansible Playbooks are an important part of the Ansible configuration management tool, allowing for the automated setup of servers, networks, and more through predefined tasks written in simple YAML. This approach drastically cuts down on manual efforts, boosts operational efficiency, and shortens the time required for deployments.

Boosting Deployment Efficiency and Security Traditionally, developers store secrets within Ansible files, a practice fraught with security vulnerabilities. The Bitwarden Secrets Manager's integration with Ansible, with the Ansible lookup plugin, helps manage secret storage with a single, encrypted location. It makes sure only authorized individuals have access to these critical secrets. This helps to enhance the overall security of the Ansible configuration management code.

With this integration, developers can now more effectively configure servers and applications and gain access to needed secrets in code which helps to improve productivity.

This integration between Bitwarden Secrets Manager and Ansible is now available for use.

Posted : 27/02/2024 8:55 am