VMware announces VMware Anywhere Workspace

There is no question that work from home initiatives are here to stay in at least some capacity or another for most organizations. Since the beginning of the global pandemic last year, most businesses have pivoted to work from home for a majority of employees. As organizations have adopted a new stance of remote working and a hybrid workforce, the need for technologies that enable remote workers with the tools and solutions they need for business productivity has certainly come into focus. Most businesses have had to evaluate technologies they are using to provide remote connectivity and do this in a seamless and secure way. Today, VMware is announcing the VMware Anywhere Workforce. What is VMware Anywhere Workspace?

What is VMware Anywhere Workspace?

The VMware Anywhere Workspace empowers remote employees with an even better solution to seamlessly carry out their business-critical tasks with “less friction” from IT operations. This leads to not only a better experience for the end-user but also a more secure solution, incurring less cost and operational overhead.

What are the benefits of the new VMware Anywhere Workspace solution? It helps businesses to accomplish the following:

  • Seamless, consistent, unified work experience – No matter where an employee is working from, no matter what device, or which network they are connecting, VMware Anywhere Workspace allows the experience to remain the same. It also helps to improve the way IT can deliver services to end-users.
  • Secure edge environments – The edge is now broader and distributed. This allows users to access business apps from any device. With security in the focus for organizations today, VMware Anywhere Workspace allows employees to access their applications with even greater security. This is due to the fact that network security at the edge is combined with endpoint security and management with the VMware Anywhere Workspace solution.
  • Automation – With the complex requirements placed on IT operations today, automation is absolutely necessary. With automated processes and workflows, it allows businesses to accomplish much greater results without having to worry about the minutia of tasks needed to accomplish these.

What technologies make up VMware Anywhere Workspace?

The Anywhere Workspace technologies are comprised of the following:

  • VMware Workspace One – VMware Workspace One is a powerful digital workspace solution that provides endpoint management, virtualized solutions including desktop and app virtualization, and the productivity and security solutions required.
  • VMware Carbon Black Cloud – cloud-native endpoint and workload protection
  • VMware SASE – a combination of SD-WAN technologies, security functions, zero-trust access, and delivery “as-a-Service” from global network points-of-presence (PoPs)
Vmware announces vmware anywhere workspace
Vmware announces vmware anywhere workspace

Solving traditional remote work challenges

The VMware Anywhere Workspace will help businesses move past the legacy and traditional technologies they are currently using to a much more efficient and effective set of modern tools. What traditional tools are many businesses clinging to in order to empower employees for remote work? Today many end-users are still connecting back to the corporate office using a VPN connection. VPNs are notoriously quirky, difficult to manage, and actually introduce security risks into the environment, including data exfiltration risks.

Other companies are still using insecure Remote Desktop Services implementations with improperly secured remote desktop servers. These may be place out on the Internet with vulnerabilities. These types of implementations can introduce tremendous risk in the environment for data breach as well as ransomware infections.

With traitional technologies and ways of doing things, IT operations suffers due to painful proesses, lack of management, security, or other difficulties. End-users suffer as well with cumbersome access technologies, legacy protocols and ways of doing things, lack of access to specific resources, or other challenges. Today’s challenges and workforce requirements need modern tools capable of solving the very complex challenges place upon businesses today.

VMware Anywhere Workspace provides the proper blend of tools and technologies that allow businesses to break out of the viscious cycle of legacy-crippled remote work that empowers instead of limits.

Upcoming Event detailing VMware Anywhere Workspace

On May 5 & 6, VMware will host a free online event – Leading Change: Build Trust with the Anywhere Workspace – where leaders will discuss how organizations can embrace the new normal and transform into secure, anywhere organizations. The event will feature:

  • A keynote to kick things off on May 5 at 10:00 a.m. CEST in EMEA; 9:00 a.m. PDT in the Americas; and 11:00 a.m. SGT on May 6 in APJ.
  • Business and technical tracks, featuring different speakers from each region.
  • Over a dozen on-demand sessions with technology deep dives covering VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon, VMware SD-WAN and VMware SASE, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud.
  • A wide range of speakers, including VMware executives and subject matter experts, customers, and community members. View the full list of speakers here.

Register today at www.vmware.com/anywhere-workspace-event

Additional Resources:

  • Read a perspective on the news from VMware COO Sanjay Poonen on the VMware Newsroom
  • Learn more about the technologies that comprise VMware Anywhere Workspace in this blog post from Shawn Bass, CTO of VMware’s End-User Computing business unit

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