Nakivo Backup and Replication V7 Announced Adds Hyper-V Support

Nakivo Backup and Replication V7 Announced Adds Hyper-V Support – Nakivo who is known for rock solid and cutting edge VMware and Amazon EC2 backups has extended their offering to include Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization platform.  The Hyper-V backup capabilities use the same super easy, intuitive, and extremely quick web interface that we have become familiar with in Nakivo’s Backup and Replication product.  I have used many backup products over the years to protect virtual environments, and Nakivo’s product is one of the best that I have used.  The fact now that we can protect not only VMware and EC2 but also our Microsoft’s Hyper-V environments with NBR v7 certainly makes Nakivo one of the first choices in an all-around, capable, and versatile virtualization backup product.  Let’s take a look at some of the key highlights of the upcoming v7 release.

Nakivo Backup and Replication V7 Announced Adds Hyper-V Support

Check out the official Nakivo – What’s New in v7 page

  • NBR v7 provides native backup for Hyper-V Server 2016 and Hyper-V Server 2012 (R2)
  • Provides agentless backups of live running Hyper-V running VMs
  • Application aware backup mode for Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, and Sharepoint
  • Hyper-V backups include all VM data and VM configuration
    • These are stored in full-synthetic mode which eliminates full backups from the source storage
  • Each Hyper-V backup can save up to 1,000 recovery points
  • Hyper-V backups utilize the forever incremental backup technology meaning that only changed data is transferred
    • Nakivo backups are deduplicated across the entire backup repository and compressed significantly reducing the size of backups
  • Backup copy jobs provide the extra sense of protection as your data can be copied off site to a secure location
    • This protects against disaster scenarios or Ransomeware infections where backed up data is compromised at the primary site
  • Granular Hyper-V restores allow application data such as Microsoft Exchange objects or Active Directory objects to be restored without full VM restores

How to get the Beta

Nakivo is offering a free Amazon gift card to those who check out the Beta of v7 and perform the following:

  • Instant file recovery
  • Instant object recovery for Exchange
  • Instant object recovery for Active Directory
  • Full VM recovery
  • Send support bundle into Nakivo

This is a great offer to try the new functionality.


Nakivo Backup and Replication V7 Announced Adds Hyper-V Support – This is a great step forward for Nakivo and provides the added flexibility and versatility to encompass Hyper-V environments or enterprises who have a mix of virtualization platforms.  So, be sure to check out the Beta when it is released.

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