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Vembu BDR Suite – The all-in-one backup solution at affordable cost for all

There are many options when it comes to backing up virtual infrastructure both in the VMware and Hyper-V space as well as protection cloud resources.  Many may piece together solutions with multiple products to cover the bases across hypervisors, physical servers, office 365 & Google Apps backup, as well as Office applications.  Vembu BDR Suite allows you have an all-in-one backup solution at a price point that is affordable for all.

For those not familiar with Vembu BDR Suite, it is a comprehensive universal backup solution catering to the backup, recovery, replication and disaster recovery needs of many different types of IT environments all the way from large Enterprise datacenters, SMB, service providers, down to small businesses looking for an affordable offsite backup solution.


Vembu BDR Suite Components

The heart of the Vembu BDR Suite is Vembu VMBackupVembu’s VMBackup is a DR solution that spans hypervisors and is extremely scalable.  Supporting both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments it covers the realm of vendors here very effectively.  Backups from both hypervisors are agentless and they provide application aware processing.

A few quick highlights of Vembu VMBackup:

  • Images are taken at the hypervisor level
  • Using VMware VADP technology, changed block tracking (CBT) only the data that is changed is transferred in incremental blocks.
  • VMware Hot-Add and SAN transport mode provide LAN free data transport
  • Quick VM recovery that is built in allows VMs to quickly be recovered by launching straight from the backup files on your ESXi, Hyper-V, or other hypervisor
  • Vembu VMBackup is fully application aware with VSS aware technology allowing you to use the Vembu Universal Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, and Sharepoint.
  • Along with Quick VM Recovery, additionally you can use Instant File-level Recovery as well to quickly access files that need to be restored on a Guest OS.
  • Replication allows for replicating critical VMs to a DR facility either on premise or in the cloud


A wide range of restore options are available:


Vembu ImageBackup

Vembu ImageBackup allows backups of physical resources such as physical servers, desktops and laptops.  For most, not every resource in the datacenter is a virtual resource.  There are still plenty of physical hosts and endpoints that need backup protection.  The Vembu ImageBackup can perform full system images on these types of resources to add to the disaster recovery plan.


After installing the Vembu ImageBackup software, you setup your backup jobs through a web console which is very intuitive.  It walks you through getting your first image backup of your physical machine.


Vembu NetworkBackup

The network backup solution from Vembu allows great flexibility with the location of backups.  You can backup either on-premise as well as to the cloud.  This solution includes backing up the likes of Exchange, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Outlook, etc.

What is really nice as well about the NetworkBackup is that it isn’t limited to Windows OS’es.  You can back up Windows, Mac as well as Linux so it covers all the bases in the enterprise.  The NetworkBackup utility allows for granular backups of files and folders.


Vembu OnlineBackup

Vembu’s Cloud backup offering is called OnlineBackup and allows SMBs to backup critical files and applications directly to the Vembu Cloud service.


Vembu SaaSBackup

Vembu offers protection of Software as a service offerings such as Google Apps and Office 365.  Many organizations are utilizing the cloud for email and other productivity applications offered by Google and Microsoft and these applications such as email, cloud storage drives, contacts, and calendars are covered by the Vembu SaaSBackup solution that securely backs up these services to the Vembu Cloud.

Affordable Pricing

When looking at the value that Vembu BDR Suite brings to the table, the powerful capabilities to provide disaster recovery and service resiliency to your organization come at a steep price with other product offerings out there.  Vembu has produced a complete suite of products that covers every aspect of the business including Virtual environments (VMware and Hyper-V) as well as physical servers and other endpoints (desktops and laptops), applications, and other services can be backed up right to the cloud.  All of these services are affordable to customers ranging from the Enterprise down to SMB and small offices.  Check out pricing with the Vembu BDR Suite of products here.


Vembu BDR Suite is a complete product offering that allows you to use one product to cover all the critical parts of the enterprise, spanning virtual to physical and on premise to cloud.  It does it all and does it effectively and intuitively.  I am excited to see Vembu continue to develop this powerful suite of products that allows you to have a “one stop shop” for your backup, recovery, and replication needs.  As we continue to see the movement toward the cloud, Vembu has positioned itself strongly in this market with strong cloud capabilities and the understanding of customer needs that span between the traditional enterprise as well as the next generation of hybrid infrastructure.

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