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Windows 10

Intel Proset no vlans or teaming in Windows 10

In helping out with a Windows 10 upgrade project on a precision workstation, I stumbled onto a show stopper issue with the Intel Proset drivers.  After the upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, it was discovered the Proset drivers from 8.1 were wiped out and replaced with the WHQL drivers out of the box.  I didn’t think much about this as I assumed we simply needed to redownload the Proset drivers and setup the VLANs we had configured, which would be a pain in itself since we had a few VLANs configured.  After pulling down the Windows 10 Proset driver, I happened to pay attention to the disclaimer at the top of the download page here: which indicates Intel Proset no vlans or teaming in Windows 10.

Important Note: Creating Intel® ANS teams and VLANs on Windows® 10 is currently not supported. As a result, when created, teams and VLANs do not pass traffic. We expect that ANS will be supported on Windows 10 client in a future release.

Apparently, in digging more into the forums, this has been an issue for a while with many others having similar issues.  It seems that many were able to have a working copy of the Proset driver early on in the Windows 10 release, however, with the 1511 update, there was a driver blocking issue that was introduced which has lead to this particular issue.

There is an intel community thread to be sure and follow if you are or have recently ran into this issue:

It looks like starting around post number 57 there are posts that a hotfix is in the works and being tested.  If you are like me, this is a real deal breaker with moving to Windows 10 on a few clients that need VLAN or teaming ability.  The discouraging piece to this is that it looks like the issue goes all the way back to November but it is encouraging that the latest posts look to indicate a fix to the issue.

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