AppAssure Multiple SCSI controllers after export to VM

So far in using AppAssure in several environments, it works pretty well and seems to shine with VM to VM exports.  It does like most backup software though have a few quirks to deal with.  If you are an AppAssure user in your environment, you may have experienced or seen the following scenario after exporting a recovery point to VM – mulitple SCSI controllers!



As you can see above, there are (4) SCSI controller that appeared after exporting to a VM.  What is behind this?  It seems the culprit is the CD-ROM drive.  Below is a shot of what happens when I removed the CD-ROM drive from the virtual machine properties and then “OK” the changes.  When you take a look back at the devices on the VM, you no longer see the extra SCSI controllers, only the SCSI controller for your hard disk.


After adding a CD-ROM drive back to the virtual machine, I still have only one SCSI controller.  Evidently, it seems that the export of the recovery point creates the extra SCSI controllers in emulating the optical device.  I have yet to find the reason behind this, but if you guys run into the same situation and wonder what is going on, the optical drive is most likely your culprit.


All in all I haven’t seen any negative repercussions from removing the CD drive and replacing other than the hassle it takes to do this little step.  However, it annoys me to have ghost SCSI controllers on my VM so I much prefer having things cleaned up a bit.

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