IIS Edit Bindings error 80 is an invalid IP address

Synopsis of issue:

You have a website running in Internet Information Services that is already configured with default bindings such as the hostname, etc.  However, you would like to add another host name to the website to match a CNAME record that you would like the website to answer requests for.  You go into IIS Manager and right click the website, edit bindings and you get to the add site binding dialog box where you have the ability to type in a new hostname to add to the website.  However, you receive the error message below telling you that ‘*:80’ is an invalid IP address




The resolution to this issue is in fact quite simple.  The above error message is telling you the hostname you entered contains something that it shouldn’t.  If you look at the above screenshot of the error, you will notice that https:/// is being entered in front of the hostname in this case which is

The error is due to the fact that https:/// is being entered.  If you think about it, it is very redundant anyway, since you already are telling the server that the port is 80 you shouldn’t have to include the https:/// in front.  That should be implcit.

The solution to the error, is to simply remove the https:/// from the hostname and only enter the hostname itself, so  Once you take off the extra information, the hostname will enter as expected.

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