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Google introduces Google Play in place of Android Market

For those of you with Android devices, you might have noticed that in the past few days, your “Android Market” has been replaced by “Google Play.”  This is not an optional upgrade or change albeit you will notice that your icon looks different and you will need to look for the Google Play designation in the app drawer instead of the Android Market.  However, you will quickly notice that once you launch Google Play, not much has changed at least from an end user standpoint.  The app pretty much looks the same as it did.  It seems as though Google is trying to rebrand the Android Market as more than just apps and books to include their numerous multimedia ventures as of late and push the Google name out there even more.

It is yet to be seen what effect if any the new moniker will have on Android users, their thoughts towards the company, or even the device, or if it will have little impact on the market currently. One thing is for certain – Android users love the brand of Android.  They love the device and cool factor that it embodies.  To basically take away the “Android Marketplace” and place it as a side show to multimedia offerings and a new name might not sit well with some Android users.  If you visit the link you will certainly notice a more defined emphasis on multimedia including movies and music than before which again seems to be the main thrust of this change and is a milestone in the evolution of this software giant.

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