Asus Transformer Prime Wifi fix surfaces

We had just recently posted on our thoughts with the Transformer Prime and wifi problems.  What a remarkable source of information the masses of consumers, editors, and reviewers out there are who have been experimenting with various fixes to this problem.  We stumbled this morning on a post by Lisa Gade at yesterday in which she noted a possible fix to the wifi problems with the Prime that involves simply pressing the top casing on the Prime gently but firmly which allows the pogo pins that make contact with the grounding and circuitry with wifi and GPS that allows for both of these to function correctly.

As skeptical as we were when we first read about this possibly resolving the issue, we gave it a try on our 64G grey unit that we received in a few days ago and we can positively say – THIS HELPED!  As we stated in our post about the wifi issues, our throughput was great when close to the router, however, in just a reasonable distance from the AP, we started seeing tremendous dropoff in our signal strength and Speedtest app runs.  Also, GPS was basically dead on our unit.  Even outside, the Prime completely flat and facing the sky on a clear day, we were unable to get a lock on even a single satellite!

After we tried the fix, we can definitely say both wifi performance and GPS performance were much improved.  We were able to achieve tremendous improvements in our signal strength and throughput at much further distances from the AP than before.  So if you have been having tons of issues with your wifi and GPS on your Prime, this trick is definitely worth a try.

It is obvious that there are definitely software issues still remaining with the Prime but from what we have been able to ascertain from Asus, they are working hard on additional fixes for wifi and GPS.  In combination with a possible trick of “pressing” those contacts in the casing with the fix from MobileTechReview which we have proven to ourselves here at ComputerHowto is a very valid fix.  We will continue to test with our unit here to establish the longevity of this fix and whether or not the connections have a tendency to loosen themselves.

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