Exchange 2010 SP1 Export – Couldn’t connect to the source mailbox

Recently in working with a client we ran into an issue of not being able to export a client’s mailbox residing on an Exchange 2010 SP1 server.  In reading a lot of other information and posts about this issue, most had to do with a CAS array setup/name resolution error, however, the client was not using a CAS array in this particular environment and had a single Client Access Server, Hub Transport server, and a couple of mailbox servers.  So, the environment configuration was rather straightforward. 


In delving into the issue a bit deeper, we were able to export a few other users, but it was sporadic.  In the process of checking the permissions on the mailboxes themselves, the export directory, and other areas, we took a look at the “Mailbox Features” of a successful export user and an unsuccessful export.  It turns out that the client only wanted a few users to be able to use full blown Outlook, so they had disabled the MAPI feature of the Mailbox Features tab and only had OWA enabled.  As it turns out the export functionality utilizes a MAPI request to perform the export.

Mailbox Features – Export unsuccessful


After enabling the MAPI feature, we were able to successfully perform a mailbox export on the problematic mailbox.

Mailbox Features – Export Successful



Final thoughts

All in all the export procedure in Exchange 2010 SP1 is rather straightforward, however, the Mailbox Features selections can certainly make a difference as to whether or not the export will be successful or unsuccessful.  MAPI is required for this feature to work, so if you are dealing with an issue where you have an unsuccesful export, do yourself a favor and take a quick look at your Mailbox Features to make sure it is not disabled.




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