Tracking your time with Toggl

Especially if you are a contract consultant you know that keeping up with your time is critical to making sure that you can account for invoicing time as well as getting paid, which certainly is important!  Even if you are not a contract consultant, we recommend that you keep up with time spent on various projects as this can provide powerful documentation of actual needs that you may have, whether it be more staffing or increased resources to manage projects more effectively.  If you have not heard about a handy little tool called Toggl, then you are missing out on a tiny little app that is also web based that can help manage and account for time as well as keep up with projects that you may be working on.

Toggl is a web driven application that allows a user to track time anywhere on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android.  Toggl drives home the point that if you don’t track your time, then you certainly can’t bill for it, so it eases the burden of taking care of this chore.  Documentation is certainly a chore when it comes to providing written documentation of processes and procedures and this certainly doe not exclude having to keep up with time as well.  However, the ease of which Toggl allows a user to create projects, track time, and also print and export reports makes this documentation of time at least much easier.

Toggl comes in two varieties, the free version and the pay version.  The pay version allows a user to manage projects across an entire organization.  We won’t go into all the details that are listed on the website but the highlights are billable rates as well as of course support.  Check out the pricing structure as well as the benefits of the Pro version:

All in all we here at Computer-howto give Toggl the thumbs up.


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