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Assign the Same drive letter to USB Drive Part 2

I wanted to revisit the idea of assigning the same drive letter to a USB thumb drive.  In an earlier post, we talked about making a batch file to run diskpart which would query the local disks and then assign the drive letter that you specify in the diskpart utility to the thumb drive.  While this works, there is a better way.  I stumbled on another post that I wanted to relay via computer-howto that will make your life much easier in assigning the same drive letter consistently to a USB drive.

There is a utility called USBDLM (USB Drive Letter Manager) which takes all the hard work out of trying to get the same drive letter assigned to your USB drive.  This utility installs a Windows service that monitors your USB devices and even built in card readers and such and makes sure the drive that you want to have a specific letter is assigned that letter.

Simply visit the download page: and pull down either the zip package or the MSI installer (x86)….(x64) is coming.

The configuration of the utility is very simple and is explained well on the configuration how to page of the utility.  The link is here:

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