Windows 8 Release date set

With Windows 7 being a huge success for Microsoft compared to Vista, the next iteration of Windows being Windows 8, the release of the next OS is highly anticipated.  There were several stories that surfaced on the Internet a few days ago saying that Windows 8 would be released in October 2012.  While we can’t be dogmatic about the date, this looks to be a firm date issuing forth from Microsoft.  What will be the new features, bells and whistles of Windows 8?

It sounds like Windows 8 may represent a giant leap forward with 128 bit computing finally coming to the desktop uncapping several of the restraints that we currently see with 32 and 64 bit computing.  A new file system has also been rumored to exist.  Will it be NTFS 7 or 8?  Who knows?  New security features and requirements are certainly going to be built into the next generation OS as well as even more eye candy.  One can only imagine.  It looks like we should start seeing the BETA versions of the OS due out in the first quarter of 2012.

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