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  • VMware

    Change vCenter IP Address – Step-by-step

    If you’re managing a VMware vSphere environment, there might come a time when you need to change the IP address of your vCenter Server. You may want to move your vSphere management to a dedicated management network (certainly recommended from…

  • vSANMaintenance mode exited and cluster data resynchronized

    Change IP ESXi for vSAN host with VDS

    I am doing a bit of network redesign in the home lab (a new post to come on that soon), for better manageability and security practices. With that being said, I had the need to move ESXi management IPs to…

  • vSphere 6freenas_ip05

    FreeNAS Change IP Address on iSCSI target VMware ESXi 6

    FreeNAS is one of the easiest and coolest virtual SAN appliances out there for use with VMware and other Hypervisor labs. ┬áIf you have FreeNAS already setup and running with a VMware lab, you may at some point due to…