Untangle 11.0 new features and changes

Untangle has announced and released a new version of their ever popular UTM device the NG Firewall which is used by an ever growing number of customers.  The simplicity and all-in-one nature of the product appeals to many as one appliance provides gateway antivirus, SPAM filtering, protocol control, web filtering, etc.

The main thrust of the 11.0 version release focuses on performance enhancements as well as new features/changes to the platform itself.  The kernel is now based on Debian wheezy 7.6 and the 3.2.0 linux kernel.  Also, of note the virus blocker and spam blocker have both been reworked and are now based on the Bitdefender commercial technology as opposed to the Clam AV and SpamAssassin modules before.  There are also new features with the web filter that contains an event log to search queries.

A variety of other enhancements to the modules include updates to the Directory Connector module, IPsec VPN, OpenVPN as well as new license management modules.  Application control signatures, SNMP, and captive portal have also been extended in functionality.

Of course along with the normal functional extensions, this release contains many bug fixes as well.

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