Utility to clean up your computer desktop

If you are like me, a couple of weeks of computer usage usually results in countless new icons, documents, text files, pictures, and other miscellaneous files ending up on my computer desktop.  In the past I have even started creating “desktop 2” “desktop 3” and like folders just to make some sense of all of my files.  There is a utility out there that you may want to check out if you are interested in having a snazzy way to clean up your desktop and organize it in such a way that you can find your files and have organization to your desktop.  The utility is called Fences by Stardock.  Their official website can be found here.  This app creates “fences” which are boundaries that scroll containing files of a certain type or predefined set of attributes and it does this for you automatically.

What is even better is that this utility is free for personal use which means you can have all this geek goodness for nothing!  Let me tell you it made a considerable difference in the ease of being able to find things on my desktop and arrange them in such a way that makes sense.  With the paid version you are able to categorize files as they are created and have them automatically move to a certain “fence” enclosure which would really be a great way to stay on top of your desktop with subsequent new files being created.

I give this app two thumbs up for ease of use and overall utility value.

Personal version – free
Paid version – $9.99

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