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Strong Passwords

Creating Strong Passwords

In this day and age of increasing phishing attacks and cracking attempts on user accounts and various other passwords that we might have linked to sensitive information, it is definitely a good idea to have a strong password. Strong passwords usually have a combination of text both uppercase and lowercase as well as numbers and even symbols. One of the best ways to create a strong password is to think of a phrase and use a letter from each word of the phrase. Also, you can replace “i’s” with “1’s” and so forth.

So a phrase like “This is my dog named Rover” might translate into a password like T1Mdnr$. The dollar sign was added on the end to increase the password complexity. If you have an “S” in the phrase then you can logically replace the “S” with a “$” also.

Below is a great video from Sophos about creating strong passwords and the above mentioned process.

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