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  • Networkingotv01

    Stretch layer 2 with OTV

    Lately, in looking at different ways to stretch layer 2 with various technologies, I have been proof of concepting various ways to do this in router labs.  In a recent post Stretch VLANs across routers L2TPv3, we see how to utilize L2TPv3…

  • Networkingintervlan06

    Configure Inter VLAN Routing with Multiple Switches

    The question comes up often when talking about inter vlan routing and how this is done with multiple switches in a production environment.  Many examples only show inter vlan routing with a single switch.  The concept for multiple switches really…

  • Networkingintervlan

    Home Lab Create a DMZ VLAN

    A really cool fun project I have been wanting to take on at home for a while now is to create a DMZ environment using my Cisco SG300-20 switch, VLANs, inter vlan routing, ACLs, and VGT or VST.  If you…