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  • VMwareHow-VMware-Backup-Uses-Snapshots-Quiesce-guest-file-system-snapshot

    How VMware Backup Uses Snapshots

    All who have been vSphere administrators for any amount of time will tell you, snapshots for the most part are evil!  However, snapshots play a vital role in most vSphere infrastructures. When using them as designed and in a way that…

  • Backup Softwarenak72_21

    Nakivo Backup and Replication 7.2 Beta Released

    Nakivo keeps listening to what its customers need in their environments and they continue on a rapid development cycle both of which is driving Nakivo Backup & Replication to new achievements in functionality and features. Recently, the announcement was made…

  • Backup Softwarevembuapp01a

    Vembu BDR Suite Consistent Application Aware Backup and Restore

    Vembu BDR Suite allows for application aware backups and restoration of application/transactional resources such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, etc.  This is a key feature of modern backup solutions as transactional aware backups are critical in today’s data/application rich environments. …