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Veeam looking at supporting Proxmox in a future release

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Brandon Lee
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Wasn't expecting to see this so soon, but looks like Veeam is looking into Proxmox support for their backup solution. 

Veeam is currently exploring Proxmox, a VMware alternative, as part of its early-stage research. This initiative could potentially lead to the development of a new product focused on safeguarding data generated through Proxmox.

Anton Gostev, Veeam's Senior Vice President of Product Management, announced on January 11 that the company is engaged in preliminary research and prototyping activities related to Proxmox backup solutions. This sentiment was echoed by another Veeam product manager, Fabian Kessler, who confirmed the company's investigative efforts into Proxmox.

These statements arose in the context of a Veeam forum discussion titled "Broadcom/VMware debacle," which centered around user concerns regarding Broadcom's pricing strategies for VMware products and the impact on VMware's partnership network.

The forum thread, initiated with a query about transitioning from VMware to alternative hypervisors and exploring third-party backup solutions in light of Broadcom's actions, evolved into a broader discussion about potential VMware substitutes. During this discussion, Gostev advised participants to consider Oracle Linux KVM, describing it as a direct successor to Red Hat Virtualization.

Gostev also announced that Veeam plans to include support for Oracle Linux KVM in its upcoming update for RHV backup capabilities, which will be rebranded accordingly.

From a technical analysis standpoint, the viability of products like Proxmox and Oracle Linux KVM is significantly enhanced when supported by a robust ecosystem of complementary tools, such as backup solutions. Veeam’s interest in these platforms signals a potential shift in the server virtualization landscape, offering viable alternatives to VMware, especially in light of Broadcom’s recent strategic decisions.

Moreover, Broadcom's awareness of the influence of major vendors like Veeam in facilitating transitions away from VMware indicates a broader market trend where alternative server virtualization tools are gaining traction.

Posted : 22/01/2024 3:10 pm
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doesn't proxmox have an available backup feature?

Posted : 23/01/2024 11:03 am
Brandon Lee reacted
Brandon Lee
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@malcolm-r That's a good question. It does, the Proxmox Backup Server. I think one reason that some may get excited about this is when big third-party solutions like Veeam start supporting a solution, it generally gives more visibility to the platform and may help with adoption possibly from even other third-party integrations. It will be interesting to see how soon they introduce this and what the next few months hold with Broadcom.

Posted : 23/01/2024 11:19 am