New Rumors Regarding Samsung Galaxy S II Release Date AT&T

So far we have heard and read many reports concerning any new information regarding an update on the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S II phone for AT&T customers.  Like everything else concerning this phone so far, most if not all is still speculation.  A couple of tidbits that we have seen that could be valid:

  • There could be phone issues delaying the release – The only things we have seen posted have been information a couple of months ago regarding potential screen issues with the phone on certain brightness settings.
  • AT&T may be delaying the release of the phone until after the iPhone 5 – This one seems hard to believe, but given the nature of AT&T’s handling of this release, nothing would surprise us.  Could the carrier be waiting to release this phone along with or after the iPhone 5?  Who knows

We will see what happens.  Please comment or post in the Samsung Galaxy S II forum if you have any updates or news regarding the release.

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