How do you configure HA in Proxmox for virtual machines?

Shared Storage:

In planning a Proxmox cluster with high availability for virtual machines, it's crucial to incorporate shared storage into your design. Shared storage is necessary to ensure that all hosts in the Proxmox cluster can access the data of your VMs. This way, if one Proxmox host fails, the other hosts in the cluster can seamlessly continue running the VM using the data they have access to.

Create Proxmox Cluster:

– Selecting Cluster Nodes: The initial step involves choosing appropriate Proxmox nodes. It's important to ensure these nodes have redundant networking hardware and sufficient storage capacity. – Network Configuration: Establishing a reliable network for the cluster is crucial. We will guide you in setting up a HA-supportive network, including IP address setup and how to avoid issues like split-brain situations. – Forming the Cluster: Creating a cluster starts with initializing the first node, followed by adding more nodes using the 'join cluster' function. Detailed instructions and commands for this process will be provided.