CephFS is a type of file system that works well with lots of data and follows standard rules for managing files, making it both efficient and dependable.  It's not made just for Proxmox, but when used with Proxmox, CephFS allows storing files and other data on top of the Ceph storage pool running on top of your Proxmox cluster. 

There are a few steps you will need to connect to your Promxox CephFS installation: 1. The admin keyring 2. The name of the Ceph file system 3. The monitor addresses of your CephFS servers 4. A ceph.config file

Connect to CephFS

First, click the CephFS menu under Ceph for your Proxmox host. Next, you click the Create button in the Proxmox web app.

How to configure CephFS in Proxmox