Vim, an abbreviation of "Vi Improved," is an enhanced version of the Vi editor, offering advanced text editing features for a range of programming languages and file types. It's known for being efficient and flexible, making it a practical choice for developers and DevOps professionals seeking a straightforward, reliable text editor.

Neovim is a text editor that originated as a branch from Vim. It was developed with the intention to update and refine Vim's codebase. While it retains the core structure of Vim, Neovim introduces several changes, particularly in areas like the user interface, plugin system, and configuration options.

– Features a native terminal emulator. – Offers an enhanced UI with advanced syntax highlighting. – Includes native LSP support for multiple languages, aiding in code completion. – Boasts a contemporary, adaptable plugin system. – Enables Lua scripting for plugin development. – Generally regarded as more beginner-friendly. Vim: – Has a well-established and mature codebase. – Provides a vast array of plugins. – Allows for extensive customization through configuration files. – Known for its stable and consistent performance. – Supported by a large, active user community.