Do you want a self-hosted RSS reader?

FreshRSS, a project that is open-source and self-hostable, provides an aggregator service similar to Google Reader. It allows users to maintain complete control and privacy by enabling them to host the solution themselves and access it via a web browser. The installation of FreshRSS can be quickly achieved through a straightforward Docker container setup, utilizing either the Docker command line or Docker Compose.

Steps to install

By employing Docker Compose for setting up FreshRSS, you can swiftly initiate and operate FreshRSS for aggregating RSS feeds, while self-hosting on your personal infrastructure via a Docker host. To accomplish this, follow these steps: 1. Install Docker and Docker Compose. 2. Construct a docker-compose YAML file with the required settings. 3. Launch the containers using docker-compose. 4. (Optional) Implement a reverse proxy for enabling SSL connectivity.