What is Proxmox SDN?

Proxmox SDN introduces a cutting-edge capability within Proxmox VE, enabling the design of virtualized networks and code-defined private network setups. Picture it as creating your personal, software-based switch.  This system constructs networks through virtual zones and networks (VNets) to facilitate communication. With SDN, administrators gain enhanced oversight of network management and the virtual networks linked to VM guests. Plus, it's all accessible as free, open-source software.

What about NSX?

The Proxmox SDN solution, while promising, doesn't yet match the maturity level of VMware NSX, which has been established for many years. I'm eager to see Proxmox SDN adopt some of the advanced micro-segmentation firewall functionalities present in VMware NSX.  This would enable the creation of numerous connectivity rules and allow integration with identity sources for users, such as AD domain configurations.

Use cases?

How is this technology used? With these SDN software components, it's possible to build intricate overlay networks that sit on top of your current network infrastructure.  The SDN network functions as a layer beyond the physical IP network, connecting physical devices and hosts.